She’s an 8-year old Best-Selling Author, with a BIG Heart for her Little Brother


The Way I See It From My Big Eyes- Growing up with only one sibling was enjoyable and quite memorable. My brother, Joel was my favorite playmate. I can remember playing games like Kickball, Hide and Go-Seek, Red-light-Green-light, Hop-Scotch and oh, my favorite game was Jacks. Sometimes, it was fun just sitting on our front door steps listening, playing and […]

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“The Bodyguard: the Musical” Let’s Dance, Dance!

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The Way I See It From My Big Eyes- How cool is to turn the 1992 Bodyguard movie into a stage production? “The Bodyguard: the Musical” is simply an AMAZING show! The live stage production gives you a closer feeling and deeper appreciation for the great works accomplished by Whitney Houston. The entire crew is superb and I […]

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Photojournalism – Capturing Stories Through the Lens

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The Way I See It From My Big Eyes- Lights, Actions, and Cameras are all essential elements for a Photo Journalist’s success stories. I had the opportunity to meet Mr. W. A. Bridges, Jr., a retired photojournalist with 28 years of service. His photojournalism career started out at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution in 1980, right here […]

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