Ford, Born to Roll – Artist, Tina Fears Is Using Her Creative Gifts Fearlessly

The Way I See It From My Big Eyes-

Are you living your dreams or are you allowing fear to hold you back? I’d like to introduce you to a triple threat known as Tina Fears. Tina grew up in Los Angeles, California with a household of entertainers. Her dad was singer, songwriter as well as a producer. Tina’s mother worked on the business side of the entertainment industry. She is blessed with having natural God-given gifts such as singing, acting, and dancing. Her journey started out at a very early age.  As a kid, she was very active and enjoyed constant movements whether it was turning cartwheels, dancing or taking vocal training from her Dad.

Tina has been able to hone in on her skills further via professional experiences while working with teachers and directors. Today she has her own business and works as a Creative Director to assist beauty brands, record labels and independent firms bring their visions to life.

Take a listen to Tina’s advice on what it takes to be an artist or performer.

Participating in the Ford Born to Roll Campaign was a major accomplishment for Tina. She was selected to participate because of her unique career and her authentic desire to be fearless. If you have not seen the commercial, please click the link to watch it now:

Tina’s days are usually filled with auditions, submissions, call-backs, and scheduling.  Her favorite achievement is being a mother and a wife. Using excellent time management skills is extremely important to maintain balance. She takes pride and enjoyment in spending time speaking to youth about the realities of life and the importance of living fearlessly.

Please feel free to contact Tina with any questions at

From My Big Eyes- Congratulations Tina! Keep inspiring and Roll On Sister!


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