Giving Thought to 2017, Giving Attention to 2018

The Way I See It From My Big Eyes-


Can you believe we are almost at the end of 2017? It has been a stellar year and I thank you all for continuing to hang with me in 2017.  Whether you have given me a “like” on social media, left a comment, emailed or called me on the phone, please know I am grateful.  I hope you have gotten familiar and accustomed to seeing the brand. I am truly thankful to be able to share fun, exciting and interesting information with you regarding people, places, and things. My goal is to inspire you, to inform you and to influence you.

The brand is original, unique and different!

a) original creation i.e. my eyes are part of the logo; the way I see things; from my perspective

b) unique content i.e. contains human interest stories

3) different categories i.e. it’s NOT copied, no one else is doing it

I am grateful for every opportunity that has been presented to me. Get ready for 2018 as there is much more planned for the new year. One of my major accomplishments of 2017 was the launch of the online store. You can now purchase any six customized products online:

What’s even more wonderful is that one of the custom products has been featured on the website and there’s also a spotlight on Leslie’s Lane Blog. Article

Leslie’s Lane Blog Post

I was recently referred to as “The Marketing Machine “!

The People

Whether I interview Celebrities, Authors, Playwrights, Soap Opera Actors, Orators, Oscar Winners, Comedians, Mayor Candidates, Pilots, Broadway Directors, Veterinarians, Performers, Dancers, State Representatives, District Attorneys, Talk Show Hosts, Producers, Radio Personalities, Television Anchors, Hall of Fame Athletes, Overcomers, Achievers, Game Changes or Movers & Shakers, no one has been an accident. I believe God has directed my path toward these relationships. I have been inspired by each person and have gained insights from them all. Life is truly all about relationships.

The Places

Whether I traveled to Dillard, Georgia in North Georgia, Puerto Rico on the Caribbean Island, New York City on the East Coast, Los Angeles on the West Coast or to Sweet Home Alabama in the South, there’s a huge world to see. Every city, county state, or country has its own uniqueness, beauty, and adventures. There is a special culture that sets every place apart. I enjoy traveling to different sites and sharing those experiences with you whether, it be a great restaurant, a must visit landmark or a must-see attraction.

The Things

Finding good products are a buyer’s passion. As a consumer, it is important to know how to purchase products that can add value to your life. I’ve had opportunities to try products free and provide honest reviews to notable brands. I enjoy finding & sharing great fashion bargains & discounts from designers and retailers.  It’s so exciting to review items from fashion, beauty, and health industries.

The Events

Living in Atlanta offers many entertainment benefits. With Atlanta, currently being the number one city for TV & Film Productions, I have had opportunities to attend several red-carpet movie premieres which included celebrity sightings. There are also opportunities to watch live productions being filmed in the city. Major Theatrical & Musical Productions like The Color Purple or The Bodyguard continue to make debuts in Atlanta.  Smaller scale and more intimate theatres also cater to a supportive Atlanta crowd. The Fashion Industry & Markets rank high on Atlanta’s lists.


My goal in 2018 is to share more people, more places, and more things. I hope you will be more inspired, more informed and more influenced in 2018. Be sure to sign up for the newsletter as well as share this information with your family & friends.

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  1. Hi Janet, you are so inspiring. I look forward to your articles. You’re such a great storyteller. You’re truly ahead of your time with seemingly so much to share with others. May God Bless you and continued success in 2018!

  2. You had an awesome year Janet! I loved watching all the places you went, people you interviewed, and products you tried out. You’re amazing and inspiring. 2018 will be your year!!!

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