It’s Here, Merry Christmas to ONE and ALL

The Way I See It From My Big Eyes-

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from my home to your home.  I had intentions of mailing out these Christmas Cards, but my days and time just ran out. I love ordering FREE custom cards from Shutterfly. .  So, here’s a personal Merry Christmas to each one of you. I pray your day is filled with lots of love and laughs. I’ll be spending the day with family and friends in my home state of Alabama. Mom, her two sisters, and my other cousins will do a huge pot-luck with all my favorite dishes. Maybe one year I’ll cook something, but nobody has ever asked me to prepare anything and I’m fine with that.

I spent my day off picking up a few items last week. I think the best time to shop is after major holidays like Christmas and New Year’s. Stores like Dillard’s are already advertising their After-Christmas Sale starting tomorrow, December 26th 9 am – 9 pm or you can shop online now.  Kohl’s is also having a 25% online sale today. There’s nothing like getting that super sale because you know things will be marked down tremendously. I like shopping at the Atlanta Apparel Mart because the prices are usually wholesale and it’s already a huge discount.

I hope you receive everything you want for Christmas this year. There are only two practical things I wanted this year which includes a camera and a nice robe. I want to be able to take good quality pictures for my blog in 2018, and then a robe was just way overdue. I just found out that I am a winner of a Nordstrom Gift Card contest. Woo-hoo! Now I can get that robe. I am one of those people who hold onto things forever. I’ve had my favorite robe since my son was a baby, and you know he is 16 years old now. When I like something, it’s just hard to let it go. Have you noticed how long I’ve been driving my 1997 Toyota 4Runner? 20 years?

Happy Holidays and enjoy your day with family and friends.

Give me a shout on social media (FB, Instagram or Twitter) and let know if you received all you wanted this year! – From My Big Eyes @frommybigeyes

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