Celebrating Excellence: HBCU Power Awards in Atlanta

The Way I See It From My Big Eyes-

What a great way to kick off a weekend of Homecoming 2017 activities for Historical Black Colleges & Universities namely Morehouse College, Spelman College, and Clark Atlanta University. I received an invite to cover the HBCU Power Awards Event in Atlanta held on Oct 20th. The event founders included Morehouse graduates, Derek “Fonzworth Bentley” Watkins, Jash’d Kamui Belcher and Roderick Hardamon. The HBCU Power Awards was organized to celebrate the accomplishments of individuals who attended historically black colleges and universities and who have succeeded against the odds.  These individuals have overcome adversity and have made their marks within society with distinct determination. The goal of the HBCU Power Awards is to create a synergy between alumni, students, and faculty, in return strengthening stronger relationships among them. The Awards are also geared for encouraging & inspiring youths to attend HBCUs. It will also open the opportunity for new fundraising at Morehouse College. The need to continually support our Black colleges is vividly evident and critical to the successes in our communities.

Actress, Jada Pinkett Smith received the Icon Award for her long-term dedication and service to mankind. Other Honorees attended a HBCU and have excelled in their chosen professions. The 2017 Honorees are Coltrane Curtis, Kyle Hagler, Nzinga Shaw, Keinon Johnson, Phylicia Fant, Beverly Anderson, and Rob Rumley. The evening was full of energy from the arrival of guests on the red carpet to the electric beats from the Morehouse Glee Club and Horns section. Once the music began, audience members were immediately engaged by swaying from side to side, embracing arms & jamming to the sounds. Oh, what a great display of camaraderie between students, faculty, alumni, and guests.  A memorable night of heartfelt appreciation, tributes, and dynamic speeches will be remembered in years to come.  The aroma was sweet, and it reminded me why I too have a deep affection for HBCUs.

 Icon Award Winner Jada Pinkett Smith on the red carpet:


Filmmaker, Producer, Will Packer introduced and presented Jada Pinkett Smith with the Icon Award:


Be inspired by listening to Jada Pinkett Smith’s nuggets on the pitfalls of Power:


Photos of Honorees on the Red Carpet:

Special guests spotted on the red carpet included filmmaker, producer Will Packer, actor Michael Jai White, radio/tv personality Gary “With the Team” Hayes, author Zane and many more.

The HBCU Power Awards should be an Annual Highlight for each Homecoming!

Congratulations – From My Big Eyes



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