Comedian & Actor Mike E. Winfield Continues To Bring The Funny

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Do you like comedy? Well, I discovered a young comedian by the name of Mike E. Winfield.  Mike recently performed at the Punchline in Atlanta and I had an opportunity to attend the show along with two of my college girlfriends. We laughed so hard until we literally cried.

He has established a solid career performing comedy and has even performed on The Late Show with David Letterman and The Arsenio Hall Show. Mike had a re-occurring role on NBC’s “The Office”, plus he’s streaming on the Netflix special Brad Paisley’s Comedy Rodeo. He travels all over the world bringing smiles to masses of faces. His comedy style is unique in a sense that it’s real-life, relatable situations that he brings to light via his jokes. While in Atlanta, I sat down with Mike to learn more about the afro-wearing man behind the funny!

1) What/ Who inspired you to become a comedian and how long have you been doing stand-up?
As far as standup I’ve been doing it now for over 10 years and my inspiration came from the love of art. Sometimes it was musicians and their creativity. Artist like Biggie Smalls when he said, “Slow singing and flower bringing,” encouraged me to be more than just funny.
2) How do you come up with material for your shows? How would you describe your comedy and what’s the flavor?
The way I come up with comedy material is I just live. I speak about real events from my life and always real feelings. My plan is to dig deep within humanity and find elements that we all connect with. I can’t really describe my own comedy, I believe that to be a better question for anyone who has ever seen it live.
3) Are there any subjects or areas that you stay away from and Why?
 I would rather not talk about politics, but it’s hard to avoid so, I can’t avoid it and I’m forced to discuss it. I don’t do this for long periods but if it comes up it’s because someone heckled me in the audience and I shared my take. In my hour of comedy, it’s based on my life. I feel like my comedy is a two-hour escape from whatever audience members have going on themselves.
4) What has been the most rewarding aspect of doing comedy?
The most rewarding aspect of Comedy is how many people I connect with. There are people that have some identical experiences and we come from different backgrounds a lot of those times. I feel like comedy is opening some doors for what I’m really supposed to do in our universe. I’m still figuring that out.
5) Who is your favorite comedians or influencers in your life? Who are your mentors? 
Unfortunately, people seem to think I have everything worked out, and I don’t receive advice from other comics like I used to. I know there is a comedian I can always go to when I have questions but it happens less. My wife is very instrumental in attacking business from a logical standpoint. I’m naturally very practical in my approach and I proceed with a complete trust in my ability.
6) Are there any actors you would like to work with? What’s next for you and your career? 
There are a hundred actors I’d like to work with and I hope that meeting them doesn’t ruin the image that I already have about them preconceived. I know that’s unfair, but I’m sure I’ll get paired with actors soon that I’ll grow to love. Next in my career is my own show. I’m so loose and controlled as an artist that I feel it’s my time to have a show. That show could be a drama or a talk show. I’ve written premises for both and much more. I guess time will tell but I’m having an amazing career and I’m always grateful.


Mike E. Winfield is currently touring the US. For dates & scheduling information go to the following site:

This is one show that you don’t want miss! – From Your Big Eyes!


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