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How often do we really know what we want to do in this place called life? Robert Palmer Watkins figured out his calling during his high school years. He further realized that acting was his passion, rooted deep into his core. Fast forward some years and now he’s a working actor on a popular ABC Network Soap Opera. I recently sat down one on one with Robert and had an opportunity to learn about his journey to become an actor.


The Early & Teenage Years

As a kid growing up in North Carolina, Robert was always the one getting family and friends together to take photos, develop a video or just to have fun with the camera. He was pretty much the lively energetic guy in the group. He’s always been a huge fan of the arts and loved to be creative.

At the start of his high school years, his family moved to Richmond, Virginia and he made the decision to attend the Center for Arts High School. He would take a bus to attend theatre classes for half days while the rest of the day was spent at his home-based school for the other basic classes like Math, English, and History. To dispose of all his energies, his mom and English teacher encouraged him to get involved with plays and the stage. It was at the Center for Arts High School where he realized acting was something he wanted to do as a profession. He auditioned for many plays and was cast on stage constantly.  He soon developed an even greater desire for entertainment and acting.

After high-school, Robert enrolled at a local college, Christopher Newport University and stayed for two years. The acting bug hit him hard, and he had a strong desire to leave Virginia. He applied/auditioned for a program at the American Music and Dramatic Academy and selected the Los Angeles campus instead of NYC’s campus. Robert felt LA offered more Film and TV opportunities which were right in the line with his action plan.

The Move from the Country Living to City Living

After convincing his parents that moving to LA was a good choice, he gave up the country life and headed to the big city to pursue his dream of becoming a great TV and Film actor by enrolling in college. The transition from Virginia was somewhat frightening initially, but his personality fit right into the mix of the LA style. He can be a little beachy and country at the same time. He likes the hustle and bustle feel of city life and loved being around people who were motivated and trying to be better. Sunny California has many opportunities for Film and TV, however, it’s all about timing. Upon graduating from college and while waiting for his big acting break to happen, he continued to audition and take acting classes to improve upon his craft. He continued meeting people who were already successful in the industry. The best advice given to him from teachers and mentors was to stay in LA and not to leave. He was also told that something will happen if you are good at what you do! Robert worked multiple part-time jobs to pay his bills while auditioning. He worked on a few independent films, commercials, and even modeling, however, it wasn’t the big break he was seeking.

The Big Breaks into Industry

After living in Los Angeles for about 5 years, the big break into TV finally hit. Robert auditioned and received a contract to play the role of “Dillion Quartermaine” on General Hospital. He remained humble and appreciative through it all. His mother taught him a very valuable lesson which was to always be humble & kind.  His mom also stressed the importance of treating people right.  Those life lessons have helped him in all areas of his life both personally and professionally. It may seem like an overnight success, but Robert spent years preparing for this exciting role. Robert’s next current big project in flight is a new film titled “The Last Three Days” in which he plays the role of a cop.  The Crime/Romance film is currently filming and is projected for completion in 2018.

Robert has entertained the idea of maybe producing his own theatre play. He would welcome the idea of going to New York City to perform on Broadway as the theatre was his first love. For now, his plans are to continue growing and becoming the best TV and Film actor, he can be.

Congratulations, Robert Palmer Watkins on your Success – From My Big Eyes


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