Award Winning Director/ Broadway Choreographer/ Writer Patdro Harris is Passionate About the ARTs

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How do you combine dance, music, and drama? Well, if you ask Patdro Harris he will tell you to become a Theatrical Director. That’s how he can capture the essence all of three elements.  Patdro Harris is a world-renowned Director, Choreographer, and Writer. He has been able to utilize his skills, talents, and love for the arts by producing some of the most amazing soul-stirring and entertaining productions.

As a child growing up, Patdro was always surrounded by music. His mother was an owner of a club where all types of music was heard. He also had an older brother who would come home sharing funny stories about the neighborhood and he quickly became accustomed to hearing stories.  The inspiration to become an artist was birth from those experiences.  The love for music grew stronger while attending Alabama State University in Montgomery, Alabama. He was a head drum major in the band and was always involved in all aspects of music. He also got involved in theatrical productions and owned a theatre company while in college. Because he’s been blessed with a gift, he has a unique method of putting great genres of music from gospel, jazz, and blues into productions that will keep you wanting more.

Take a listen to hear how his journey all began!

He has directed many productions across the world such as The Travelin Black, Ain’t Misbehavin, Cinderella, Quilters, Five Guys Named Moe, Blues in the Night, The Wiz, Simply Simone and more. Patdro has received numerous awards and accolades because of his dynamic work.  He’s NOT doing it to gain recognition or fame, but it’s the passion for the art that is most important. His sincere desire is for people’s lives to be changed in some respects after seeing his productions.

Upcoming productions include:

1) “The Boyfriend”, at The University of Northern Colorado

2) “The Soulful Sounds of Christmas”, The Ensemble Theatre in Houston, Texas

3) “The Wiz”, The Children’s Theatre in Minneapolis, Minnesota

No matter where he goes to work, his hope is to receive an invitation to return and that’s the ultimate satisfaction.

Bravo! Patdro Harris – From My Big Eyes


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