Film and TV Actress Reece Odum is Living her Dreams in Atlanta

The Way I See It From My Big Eyes-

How many of us know what we are destined to do in our lives? Well, let me introduce you to a lady whose destiny has been placed right before her. Reece Odum is beautiful, talented and an Actress currently living in Atlanta. She continues to hone her acting skills daily. Reece has been involved in the arts throughout her childhood and now adult life. She has participated in various forms of dance as well as playing the cello.  I recently sat down with Reece to understand the good and the bad of having an acting career.

Listen to my one on one with Actress Reece Odum:

There are a lot of benefits to living in Atlanta today, especially if you are in the film, television and movie industry. Georgia is currently ranked #1 for having the highest number of feature film productions. For an actor or actress, it’s truly the land field to grow your passion. It takes strong faith, self-motivation, an awesome support system and hard work to be a successful full-time working actress. Timing is also key for being in the right place to meet the right people. Keep in mind, in this business you will hear “NO” more often than “YES”.  Remaining dedicated to your mission and goals is key. As most actors will tell you upfront, it takes a lot of work to perfect the craft with hours of reading, studying various techniques and lots of rehearsing.

The rewards of acting are numerous for Reece. Acting can be a form of therapy i.e. a way of expressing suppressed emotions and it allows you to reach and stretch to places you may or may not have ever experienced. Being able to work on independent films which support a cause has been the most fulfilling opportunities for her. She’s had opportunities to work on projects which showcase issues like domestic violence and organ donation. She just finished taping BounceTV -” Saints and Sinners”, Season 2, in which she played an investigative reporter role. Reece is looking forward to Season 3 at the end of the year. She also participated in the last season of the CW’s “Vampire Diaries”and as a side note, her character did not die.

Be sure to check out Reece this weekend as the co-host of NoahPOPTV, July 8th at 9 pm EDT on FOTVUSA Dish Network in LA, Las Vegas, Miami, and on demand Roku TV or you can stream live by adding FoTV channel to your homepage. It’s the HOTTEST new entertainment talk show. Follow the show at @noahandreece, and be sure to keep up with Reece by following her on social media: @ReeceOdum.

Congratulations to you Reece Odum and I’m wishing you much success – From My Big Eyes!

Headshot photo credit: Shaunelle Murphy @ace_photo

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