John Singleton’s “SnowFall” new pilot will premiere on FX Networks

The Way I See It From My Big Eyes-

I received an exclusive invite to the Atlanta screening of a new TV pilot called SnowFall. FX Networks will debut the show on July 5, 2017. I’ve always enjoyed going to advanced screenings as this gives me an opportunity to share with YOU, my loyal readers. The show was especially interesting to me for two main reasons: 1) John Singleton and 2) Los Angeles. As you may or may not know, Los Angeles was my home for almost 10 years from 1986 to 1995. The life experiences and historical events which occurred during my stay in LA will forever be in my mind.

John Singleton is a dynamic writer and I’ll never forget his box office 1991 movie “Boyz N the Hood”. The impact and the feeling it gave me after viewing left a permanent stain. I was literally ready to pack up and leave LA because I became scared straight. Although I did not live in South Central LA, there were times I would travel to the area fully on guard with care and concern.

This show is labeled as a crime drama television series. Now an FX Original Series with a ten-episode season covering the period from 1983 – 1984 in Los Angeles. It focuses on the crack and cocaine epidemic that occurred in South Central Los Angeles. It depicts how an entire community can be affected by such a crisis resulting in turmoil, crime, riots and even deaths. It’s emotional, it’s real! John Singleton’s reason for writing the show is because ‘it has never been told before’.  He is very passionate about his LA hometown. Before all the drugs, South Central LA had beautiful homes, well-manicured lawns, and a sense of caring for the communities. His style of writing will literally leave you with an emotional quest for more.

It was a very exciting evening and I had an opportunity to interview cast members as well as have a little fun on the carpet too! Don’t forget #SnowfallFX premieres July 5 at 10/9c on @FXNetworks


Check out the Trailer!

This is a series to NOT miss! – From My Big Eyes

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  1. Janet thank you for sharing all of this wonderful news with us about all of the celebs you meet or
    come in contact with as well as allowing us to see the world through your big eyes your Big eyes.

    John Singleton always keep it Poppin with his Craft! He is truly gifted and extremely talented.
    I really enjoy all of his movies,films and etc.

    John Singleton will always have people in this life time who want to see him because he always expose the devil show how through it all the Truth will Prevail.

    It’s deep I know. But just look at all the hardships, fast money, that comes out in his movies. But then at the end. His movies leaves us with a bit of sadness but also a new beginning.

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