She’s an 8-year old Best-Selling Author, with a BIG Heart for her Little Brother

The Way I See It From My Big Eyes-

Growing up with only one sibling was enjoyable and quite memorable. My brother, Joel was my favorite playmate. I can remember playing games like Kickball, Hide and Go-Seek, Red-light-Green-light, Hop-Scotch and oh, my favorite game was Jacks, but we also used to play video games from all the time. Sometimes, it was fun just sitting on our front door steps listening, playing and singing to our old 45′ records repeatedly. The good part is, we had fun spending time together. I’m sure I became the annoying Little Sister to my Big Brother at times.

Recently, while attending the Atlanta Tuskegee Alumni 12th Annual Jazz Brunch, I had an opportunity to interview Child Author, Nia Mya Reese who lives in Birmingham, Alabama. Nia is eight years old and has written a new book titled “How To Deal With And Care For Your Annoying Little Brother”. The book is inspirational and should be read by every child who has a sibling whether boy or girl. The key principles of love, kindness, and patience are described so eloquently and demonstrated by examples in book. Here’s a clip of my one on one conversation with Nia Mya.


The inspiration to write the book started out as a classroom assignment when her teacher instructed the class to write down what they were experts at doing. Nia Mya was certain that she was an expert at being a big sister and taking care of her little brother, Ronald Michael. Because of her mother’s keen observation and ability to recognize good material, she encouraged Nia Mya to spend time over the summer writing and perfecting her words and sentences. Thus, the birth of a Best Seller Book on Amazon’s list. The illustrations of the book were created by her cousin Faith, an eleventh-grade student who would often babysit Nia Mya and her little brother.

Nia Mya’s book has become an overnight success. She has been featured on the Harry Connick, Jr. show, CBS Evening News, Local and International Television stations plus other publications. Celebrities are also tweeting congrats to Nia Mya. She is working on her second book about bullying and it will be written from the bully’s perspective.  Nia Mya feels that if someone is bullying, it is possible that the person may be lonely and need a little more LOVE.

You can find the book at the following sites:

Nia Mya is available for interviews as well as appearances. She can be contacted via email:

Social Media — FB: @niamyareese  Instagram: @niamyareese Twitter: @niamyareese

Congratulations to you Nia Mya for recognizing the universal need of more love, patience, and kindness. Well done to Mom, Cherinita, and Dad, Ronald for excellent parenting.

– From My Big Eyes



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