Looking for a Quick Meal?


As many of you know, I am a product review blogger and I absolutely love doing it. I review products for many major brands and then I give my opinions about it.  This helps to promote their products. Not to mention, this gives you the reader, information on products that you may not be familiar with. The company that I am signed up with is www.bzzagent.com. I really enjoy this company because most products they send me are “new” to me and that makes it more exciting.

The latest product that I have been trying lately is Barber Foods’s Stuffed Chicken Breast. The all-natural chicken breast comes in many flavors. My two favorites are the Broccoli & Cheese and Cordon Bleu. When the campaign started, I received coupons to give out to friends and then coupons to try the product free.  They also included a nice KitchenSmart oven mitt in the package.  I found the product on sale at Walmart for $3.78.

When I brought the product home, my son could hardly wait for it to cook. He was so anxious to try it out first. It only takes 35 minutes to prepare. Side dishes like brown rice and veggies can be added for a complete meal. It has been a big hit in my house. Would you believe my son even eats it for breakfast? He added a side of oatmeal and toast to complete his meal. Who said it must be just for dinner? You may even want to consider the stuffed chicken breast as an appetizer for your holiday party. Go ahead and woo your guests with this delightful product! Yum, yum…..

This campaign ends in two days, then I’ll be off buzzing about another great product





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