Everything RED December Giveaway


Tis the season, I have chosen a few items I’d like to give away during the month of December. To be eligible for the Everything RED December Giveaway leave at least one comment below stating what you like about the blog site www.FromMyBigEyes.com

1. Target December Beauty Box – His

2. Cross Body Cell Phone Bag

3. Paparazzi Strands of Silver Chains & earrings

4. Two bottles of #RubyLicious Nail polish by shOO

5. From My Big Eyes Logo Red Tee

6. Red Toboggan trimmed in Rhinestones

7. Mud Pie Infinity Scarf and Clutch

Giveaway Ends on December 15th at midnight. Make sure you leave a comment to ensure entry.

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  1. Hey everybody. I love reading my Janet’s Blog. She keeps us up with all the freebie and Promotions. She also has nice articles.

  2. Shout out to my Skegee Friend….Her blog is a must see & read!!! She keeps you updated on who’s who…fashions…icons…& amazing stories…This is one uplifting blog…You Go Friend ??

    P.S. It’s a must & of great importance that you perhaps one of her T-Shirts

  3. I love Janet’s Blog because she keeps us informed on new events coming, give us insight on how others have became successful,teaches us how to sign up and get free stuff and she also give away freebies last but not least the beautiful T-Shirts.Keep up the good work!!!

  4. I love the blog because it provides a variety of information. Mostly what I like is that the people interviewed are those we know as well as those we don’t.It makes us realize that everyone has a story. Sometimes you have even shared a part of who you are such as with your humbling experience with shopping at Ross. ? Thanks; always a pleasure to read!

  5. I love following Janet’s blog and seeing things through “her big eyes”. Her path crosses some very interesting people and situations. This blog has definitely redefined our family trait- big eyes”!

  6. From one big eyed girl to another, I love this blog because it has such interesting articles. Thanks for redefining our family trait.

  7. My HBCU pal. I just love the cross the body red cell phone bag. It is prefect and lighten the load when one is shopping for a few hours. The red toboggan trimmed with rhinestones is a great accent to any outfit. Thanks for the ideas girlfriend…

  8. All of posts are fresh, original, creative, trendsetting, innovative and ahead of your time! All those these are essential to a fabulous brand! You have it sister! I am most impressed!

  9. What I love about the “Frommybigeyes” blog is you bring people to our attention and interest that we do not see on everyday television. I love the up close and personal effect that you bring in the interviews! And most of all, you keep us intrigued by your constant prize give aways!

  10. Gosh I love so much about this blog site! I had randomly come across your site on Instagram and what really intrigued me was your posts about helping people with how to get free food and items and just the love you put out and how REAL you are. You support your followers as much as they support you and your blog, which is amazing. Everything you post, you can tell comes from the heart. Your dedication shows in your blog and I am so happy to have discovered it. Keep on keeping on girl! You & your big are amazing. Much love!

  11. I love this blog cause janet keeps us updated on latest products. Events happening. Keep up the good work janet. I am so in love with these shirts. I will continue to be a faithful customer

  12. I love the blog because you post so many articles that help us out whether physically or financially. I really enjoy reading all your advice and absolutely love my t-shirts!

  13. One of the things I like about #frommybigeyes is that Janet graciously shares her journey and experiences with us. The information is exciting and it’s a joy to read each post!

  14. Well, well, well…I never realized my big eyed friend/classmate had so much to offer. I love her blog basically bc she’s an ole country girl with big dreams and ideals. She inspires others to never let where you came from stop you from fulfilling your dreams. Not only that, she keeps me informed on some great deals. Thanks Janet

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