The Problem Solver “Leslie’s Lane The Book!”


Are you looking for a job, wondering how you will send your child to college, need help buying a house, want to tap into freebies or looking for smarter ways to travel? Author, Leslie E. Royal has written your one-stop Internet Resource Guide titled “Leslie’s Lane The Book!”.  Leslie has done years of extensive research and has gathered first-hand information from experts over the years in various subject matters. She has put together a masterpiece of invaluable information. This book has links to almost any area of your life that you are looking to improve upon, whether it’s finances, fitness, faith, food or family.

I had an opportunity to attend the fabulous Unveiling and Dedication Service for the book on November 6th.  Most of the attendees were associated with the book in some manner, whether as a contributor or as a featured expert. Enjoy the BIG REVEAL!

Listen up as the Author describes her vision for the cover of “Leslie’s Lane The Book!”

Also in attendance were local and nationally known journalists such as the publishers of Upscale Magazine, Crossroads News Inc. and  On Common Grounds News. There were bloggers, radio show personality, and a graphic designer present as well. I was very honored to be in a room filled with an array of successful journalists.  It was truly a surreal, unforgettable evening. I have been inspired and even more empowered after meeting people who are living out their dreams.

To get your copy, go to It’s a MUST add to your library. Be sure to look out for Leslie on tour in 2017, as she will be coming to a city near you. She has already started to host local book signings in the Atlanta area with more to come.

This will make a great gift for someone you know who has problems to solve. FROM MY BIG EYES – It’s for EVERYONE!

Congratulations on your first book launch, well done – my dear Soror, friend and mentor.



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    1. Yes, this is a one-stop resource guide. All the links are nicely collected for you.
      Now, you just have to use it and learn all the great techniques to making and saving money.

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