Experiencing the New York City Vibe

The City-view is simply wonderful!

The Way I See It From My Big Eyes- It feels good to jet set to a different environment and relax the mind from the daily routine. New York City is the spot where you can let go and feel the city life vibe. It has all the likes of hustle, bustle, lights, actions, noises, views, arts, […]

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She’s an 8-year old Best-Selling Author, with a BIG Heart for her Little Brother


The Way I See It From My Big Eyes- Growing up with only one sibling was enjoyable and quite memorable. My brother, Joel was my favorite playmate. I can remember playing games like Kickball, Hide and Go-Seek, Red-light-Green-light, Hop-Scotch and oh, my favorite game was Jacks. Sometimes, it was fun just sitting on our front door steps listening, playing and […]

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